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Marco Vorst |

2024 – the year of THE CRYPT!

Within the Swedish heavy metal community, Leif Edling is revered as one of its most prolific
songwriters. Alongside his renowned work with Candlemass, he has also spearheaded projects like
Krux and Avatarium, showcasing his enduring creativity. When news broke of his direct involvement
in yet another band, speculation soon ran rampant within the community.

That band is The Crypt, based out of Stockholm, Sweden.
With a concept centered around a metal priestess, The Crypt's debut album delves into themes of
darkness, death, and the undead, echoing the vibes of 1970s gothic and occult bands such as Coven,
Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath, and Pentagram. Recorded with top-tier Swedish musicians under the
guidance of producer Marcus Jidell, the album effortlessly combines dark atmospheres with catchy
melodies and powerful riffs, reminiscent of rock's most golden era.

The band introduced themselves to the world with the release of their first single and video, "Into the
Crypt," back in 2021. This track, featuring Pepper's captivating vocals and Edling's signature sonic
brutality, quickly gained traction within the rock community, setting the stage for The Crypt's
However, the pandemic hindered the band's ability to perform live or engage in further activities. As
conditions improved, The Crypt reemerged with a new solid line-up behind Pepper, including Danne
McKenzie on drums, Dave McKenzie on guitars, Floke on keyboards, and Rigor Mortimer on bass.
The band’s previous live performances in Stockholm has already garnered a dedicated fanbase. As a
live presence, Pepper’s enigmatic Metal Priestess character is outer-worldly, with her background in
both the metal scene as well as the burlesque world enhancing her extravagant performances. Never
shy for theatrics, her shows are always memorable and visually stunning to accompany the band’s

In May of 2024 The Crypt is set to release their debut album via Metal Department, preceded by the
release of a 2nd single and video, the anthemic "I Love The Darkness."
The band's upcoming live schedule includes performances at events like the Silja Rock cruise in
Finland and a series of dates across Sweden in support of the album.
Looking further ahead, The Crypt plans to unveil more new tracks during 2024.
In an era where truly innovative metal bands are rare, The Crypt stands out as a refreshing discovery,
promising an exhilarating journey for metal enthusiasts everywhere.