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Strap in and strap on, Hellhounds, or risk a case of Rock ’n’ Roll whiplash:
Crossplane are approaching in the Fastlane!
Hitting the post-pandemic ground running, Crossplane are hungry to bring back their
dangerously high-voltage and beer-drenched shows. The vehicle for this wild ride? The
group’s fourth album Fastlane. Mixing their typically raw Punk approach with dashes of
Metal and grooves to boot, the band stays true to their savage sound while ensuring All
Hell Is Breaking Loose.
With songs like Take It Or Leave It, Dance With The Devil, and Rollin (feat. Tom
Angelripper of Sodom & Onkel Tom), the four-piece proves yet again that catchy riffs,
high-octane drums, and a ballsy attitude still make for some damn steamy tunes.
„Fastlane is four guys, hard work, and true Rock ’n’ Roll“, vocalist Marcel “Celli“ Mönnig
states. Make Beer Not War sums up the group’s mission best: “That song practically
wrote itself,“ quips Andrew Barrett, responsible for bass guitar. “The title is just such a
statement. It’s in the live set as well, and it’s probably one of our favorites.“ The
remainder of 2022 will see Crossplane tearing up stages across our latitudes at festivals
as well as touring with J.B.O. and Motörhead’s Phil Campbell (And The Bastard
Just like the rest of the troupe’s catalog, Fastlane comes courtesy of the production
genius of Waldstreet & Denroad (Grip Inc., Sodom, Moonspell, and more) and
Mönnig himself: “I truly believe that Rock ’n’ Roll will always be. Loud guitars and
someone wailing over the top, it’s just music that’s built to last forever“, Barrett explains
the team’s approach.
If Friday nights were a record, Crossplane would play it to filthy perfection, embodying
the spirit of living in the here and now and having a few beers along the way. The combo
consists of Mönnig as well as Alexander Stoermer on guitar, Barrett plucking the 4-string,
and Mark “Bridgeman“ Brückmann hitting the drums. With thirteen years of band
history and more than 600 shows under their belt, the quartet has been making waves
since day one: “These crispy songs rock“ (Metal Hammer Germany) or “This mighty
sound is testing your speakers, the songs are ear candy“ ( was tenor among
reviews of the group’s first album Class Of The Hellhound High in 2013.
Following up this kickass debut were Masturboned in 2015 as well as 2017’s Backyard
Frenzy. Crossplane makes sure to bring the energy of tracks like Master of Desaster,
Bumsucker, or I Will Be King to the stage as often as (in-)humanly possible. Whether
they’re touring with Black Label Society, 77, Chrome Division, or Sodom, or dominating
slots at Wacken Open Air and Werner – Das Rennen: Giving their fans an offensively good
time always comes first for this German Rock blizzard. “To be on the road is to be alive“,
as Mönnig puts it.
It’s simple, really – we’re CROSSPLANE and we play Rock ‘n‘ Roll!!