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Thomas Pieper |

Brutal times demand brutal music. BONDED are back to bring the hammer down again.

The last couple of years have been frustrating and dark for all of us, but Germany’s gnarliest modern thrash metal band were never designed to sit in the shadows, waiting. Formed in 2018 by former long-time Sodom members Bernd “Bernemann” Kost (Guitars) and Markus “Makka” Freiwald (Drums), BONDED made an immediate and devastating impact with their crushing debut album, Rest In Violence. Released at the beginning of 2020 worldwide via Century Media Records, it was a finely-honed and ferocious dose of balls-out extreme metal, with hooks galore and more groove than a vinyl pressing factory.

Explosive, murderous and noticeably faster and heavier than its predecessor, the second BONDED album “Into Blackness” was once more produced by Cornelius “Corny” Rambadt at Rambado Recordings (Sodom, Disbelief, Onkel Tom) and released in late 2021. And the album was exactly the violent wake-up call that we all need after months of involuntary inertia, as the group have stuck militantly to their pure metal instincts, while expanding and embellishing their sound with multiple new gleaming weapons of war.

Ever since the acclaimed launch of “Into Blackness” much has happened within BONDED's line-up ranks. Bernemann is the only remaining member of the starting lineup and now he returns into the ring with a mighty new team.

Longtime friend Christian “Speesy” Giesler (ex-Kreator, ex-Darkness) on bass. Local peer Marco Stützer who takes over the second guitarist duties. Manuel Bigus (Path of Golconda, ex-Bloodtake) the new powerfull voice and the new face of BONDED. And finally on drums Cornelius “Corny” Rambadt (ex-Daemonesq, Onkel Tom), who is well acquainted with BONDED's material and musical mission via his role as producer of both albums released this far.

Bernemann and his new allies have now returned to the spotlight ready for battle and hungry to prove their worth, as will be demonstrated on various live-appearances with the beginning  of 2023 to further promote the band’s two great albums...